You must be wondering, ‘wow another blog about life and body change?’  Actually, yes; we’ve seen others write it up and sure this can be included in the many that exist already.  But, it’s an account of what’s possible.  I hope to be part of a chain of change for the next person who is looking for some motivation in their life.

If you are up for it, follow me in my journey of change as I pursue my goal in shredding the fat and becoming a newer me!

Alright.. here we go! I’ve been on this cart for a while but never felt I had a good handle on this till now… well, hopefully.  No, forget that, it’s a commitment that I will strive to keep till I reach my goal.  2017 is a year of change!!

So let’s lay it out there:

Goal: 180 lbs with lean muscle but not significant mass gain; not looking to be Hulk here.

Current weight = 214.6 lbs …overweight with recognizable man boobs and no body definition.


So what is that? 34 lb loss – that’s my goal! How much time do I have? I’ve giving myself 9 months.  I did end up going to the gym today to see if I could successfully pull off a 30 min cardio workout.

Happy to report – yes – got on that cross trainer and lasted for 35 min burning about 380 calories after striding 2.5 miles.  Then, mustered up more strength to row 500 meters before heading home.

With any great workout routine, you always need to make sure you eat the right stuff.  I mean, it has to be healthy and hearty.  Eating has been challenging for me as I am known to be a foodie.. that too, a veggie foodie.  That’s right! No meat dishes – only veggie.  So yeah, it’s going to be tough to make sure I get the right amount of protein and fat and limit the carbs.

I think I did well with the dinner option (2 bowls of homemade white bean soup) though I did not start off right for lunch: 1 slice spinach lasagna (homemade) + 1 plate of chipotle pasta (homemade).

White bean soup? What does that look like?  Oh, let me show you:

whitebeansoup_dinner It tasted better than it looks and it filled me up – that’s the most important part!

I didn’t even tempt myself with any sweet following the savory dish.  Good job ‘me’ on Day Zero!!

Okay – Day 1 starts tomorrow and I want to make sure I hit the gym early in the morning before I head out for some tennis.

Stay tuned for my next report!